Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reminder: The Manager's Special Secret

Every store has some version of this. At Kroger, it's called the Manager's special.

The nonperishable Manager's Special section in our Kroger in Baytown is right next to the ATM. I always stop here before I go anywhere else. I've found all kinds of neat stuff. Gillette men's deodorant had the label peeled off a little bit, for example, marked down to .99, which I was able to use two $2/1 coupons and make a little money off of. Today I found a 4 lb jar of crunchy peanut butter for $2.99! (Major find for this family. You would think Ben had to swallow as much peanut butter he could before the world ends tomorrow.)The jar was still sealed, it just had a dent. A dent in plastic is no big deal. And I found a pack of Lip Smackers for Nat's stocking for $1.09. The package was torn a little but the lip balms were still sealed. I'll just put them in her stocking without the package!

In the meat section, I always look for those little orange tags! We freeze most things immediately, unless we are eating it that day, so it's no big deal if the use or freeze by date is today. We were going to do that anyway! Today I got Pilgrim's Pride split chicken breasts for .99 cents a pound! And a pot roast for 1.29 a pound.

These items are not out of date. They are edible, usable, and nothing is wrong with them. They just get marked down for quick sale.

I don't depend on them, but when they are there, I grab them up. They definitely help out a lot!

However: The "cajun seasoned" meat's meat that spoiled, and they washed it down in vinegar (or in some cases, bleach water) and then is seasoned to flavor it. It won't hurt you, but I wouldn't eat it.

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