Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Stockpiling: Why You Need To Do It

I'm not talking about food for a crisis this time.

I'm talking about having certain items in stock all the time so you never have to pay more than a certain amount.

My camera is AWOL, so I'm going to list the items in the Apocalypse Closet. Picture may or may not come up later.

Toilet paper: 30 rolls
Paper towels: 22 rolls
Napkins: 1 box
Cottonelle wipes: 2 tubs
Shampoo: 8 bottles
Conditioner: 4 bottles
Body Wash: 4 bottles
Bar soap: 2
Shaving cream: 1 can
Baby wash: 9 bottles
Razors: 1
Diapers: 2 cases
Wipes: 9 boxes
Deodorant: 8 sticks
Tampons: 2 boxes
Pads: 2 packages
Magic Erasers: 6
Ziploc baggies: 1 box
Dish soap: 6 bottles
Air freshners - Plug ins: 5
- Standing: 4
- Spray: 5
Hand soap: 8 pump bottles
Wet Ones: 3
Toothbrushes: 10
Toothpaste: 4 tubes
Floss: 8 packs
Flyswatters: 2

In addition to that, I also keep my samples from online opportunities in a little shelf system: shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, body wash.

Do I buy all that at one time? No. Never. I never clear shelves just to stock my closet. I know the frustration when I am out of something and out of money and go to the store with a coupon to get the item and that item is GONE. I leave items for other people.

Are they all the same brand? No. We have Bounty, Scott Naturals, and Home Sense paper towels, and we have shampoos according to the preferences of each family member. We do use what we like.

The reason I have this closet is, when I had coupons that would make an item free, I would get extra of that item to stock in my closet. This way, while those items are not on sale, I still have them and can use them to tide me over until there is another sale. Or if we have a belt-tightening week, it makes me feel better to know that we don't have to buy paper products or bath stuff.

The money not spent on these things gets spent on groceries, formula, and gas.

It's also a big encouragement to walk into the grocery store and look around and realize that the only items I need to buy with real money are produce, meat (reduced if possible), dairy and formula. On Sunday I went into Kroger and bought two weeks of groceries for the 6 of us, not including formula and spent under $100. That's unheard of.

But I hope this helps you understand why it's important to stock up on free items! Have to feed a munchkin, I'll try to get that picture up soon! (After the camera turns up!)

Love and kisses,

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  1. Good thinking, I wish had cabinet space to actually stock up on things