Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sweet Deal from SaveMore!

Daily Deals alert! Haha!

This is a good one too. SaveMore is offering an $11 voucher for $5 on Always Fits. If you're newly invited (Click SaveMore to get the invite link) you'll get $10 to play with to start off! So it's free!

Always Fits has some very cute and funny gifts. I got one from Eversave awhile back (Also free with credit) that I'm using to get some stocking stuffers for the big kids. Pickle toothpaste, crime scene bandaids.

If you are offended by curse words, this site is not for you. Don't look at it with the little ones in the room! SOME items have strong language or drug references, so it may not be appropriate depending on your computer's settings. Most of the items are very acceptable though! Give it a look!

Love and kisses,

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