Thursday, July 21, 2011

ThredUp: The Time is Now! Two Boxes for a Buck!

This deal is for new members ONLY.

You've heard me talk about ThredUp: It's a huge national clothing swap that allows you to, in effect, trade your kids clothes, toys or books, or bedding, or your clothes, or maternity clothes, anything you can fit in a medium flat rate box from the post office.

The cost is very low: $15.95 per box. Now, when you think about it, that's not a lot of money. For example, I bought a box for the boys that had 25 items in it. T shirts, overalls, swim trunks. There were two items in the box that weren't our style. The items were mostly Crazy8 and Children's Place, there was some Gymboree too. So each item in there cost over $8 retail. And these were not worn out, no stains, no holes, not faded. Some things looked like I had just taken the tags off!

Sending is always free, so you can, at any moment, sign up and find someone else to buy your clothes. You don't get paid for it, but you get a pick - a chance to buy another box. Unless it's a low supply size, for which you may get up to $4.

Right now is the perfect time to join. ThredUp in ending a program (SuperThredders) that involved some of us getting paid to build excellent boxes. When we sold the boxes, we got paid, so we didn't get a pick. So everyone spent their picks on all these fantastic boxes, and no one can pick anymore. All these amazing boxes are just SITTING there, waiting for you to get some!

If you still think $15.95 is a lot, let me fix it for you. I would love to invite you to ThredUp, and by accepting my invitation, you will get a $5 credit to the site. So your first box would be $10.95.

That might still be high. I don't blame you, since you've never tried it. How about this: A daily deals site, SaveMore, which you may have already signed up for, is offering two boxes for only $16. That's a two for one. However, if you follow my invite link, you'll get a $10 credit. If you spend it on ThredUp, you, my friend, will get 2 Thredup boxes for $6, and you'll have your $5 credit on Thredup. Essentially, you get two boxes for a buck.

You have a buck! Try it out. You won't regret it. Help us move some of these amazing boxes that are just sitting there! I know you can find something for you!

Go here to join Thredup.

Go here to join SaveMore.

Love and kisses,

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