Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Way to Make Some Free Paypal Money

Have you heard of YouData? I use it, myself, every few days.

You register on their site, and fill out a bit of information about yourself (you only have to do this once) and then the site calculates advertisements to show you. When you log in after that, you'll be given the opportunity to view ads in video and text banner form, and for each one you'll be given anywhere from 5 to 27 cents.

On Fridays, the money you accrued is taxed and dropped into your Paypal account.

No, it's not a ton of money. No, you can't get rich quick - I don't know of any way you really can get rich quick on the net. I've probably made a total of ten dollars so far in using it, and that's since Jonny was born.

ThredUp used to accept paypal, and I used my YouData money, combined with some credits from low supply boxes, to buy a box of clothes for my boys.

Paypal is accepted by a lot of companies, though. Ebay takes it for sure! So if you're looking to win a little bit of Ebay play money, maybe this is an option for you! Check out YouData. It never hurts to look into things!

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