Saturday, July 9, 2011

You CAN Be Paid to Grocery Shop!

I went through a period where my computer wasn't able to google (It still isn't, I'm on a different one, which we hook up so I can blog. The other one is the husband's gaming computer.) and so I wasn't able to use blogger. During that time, I did my most fantastic coupon conquest yet, on the day of the projected Rapture, May 21, 2011! Aren't we glad we're stil here? :)

I had quite a few FREE coupons from my e-mailing companies campaign, from Dannon, Glad trash bags, Bounce dryer sheets, and Aleve, so I did them all at once.

This was my haul: Charmin megaroll 12 pack, 160 ct Bounce dryer sheets, 55 ct Glad trash bags with Febreze, 2 Glade air fresheners, 2 Glad odor suckers, Cottonelle wipes, Noxema bikini razors, Black Flag flyswatter, 4 Black Flag fly papers, 2 40 ct PullUps wipes, 250 ct Aleve, Carefree pantiliners, Suave conditioner, travel size Degree deodorant and travel size Dove body wash, applesauce in a straw, a quart of Similac and the thing under the applesauce pouch is a tub of sidewalk chalk.

For the Black Flag, Suave and Glade products and all the travel size items, I had $1 off coupons and they were under a dollar. For the bikini razors, I had a $2 off coupon and they were under $2. For the Charmin, Aleve, Bounce, Glad trash bags, Cottonelle wipes, and Carefree pantiliners I had free coupons. I had a $6 Similac check (And the Similac was $3.84 if I remember right.) The PullUps wipes were under a dollar, the applesauce in a pouch was 77 cents, and the sidewalk chalk was under a dollar. Between the overages from the coupons and the Similac check, rather than pay, I was given $1.61 along with my groceries to take home!

So since the value of my haul was $67.80, I saved $69.41!

You said, "That's not possible." It is though, at Walmart. They now price match and it's their policy to give coupon overages. If your coupon is for more off thanthe item costs, they take off the full value. The 98 cent Black Flag products? If you went in buying ONLY that, and gave a $1 off coupon (they've sent out 4 so far) they would give you back 2 cents.

This change in policy means a LOT for couponers. You can earn money buy shopping! And all those items up there are things we need and use (Well the fly paper isn't, but Brian insists that they work. In the time since we hung it up, it caught one fly and a ton of my flyaway hairs!)

With some artful coupon placement, you can do it too! And write those companies for freebies! They will send them!

If you have 5 minutes today, write to Aleve! They send a great free coupon!

If you have 10 minutes, write to Bar-S. They send a $5 gift certificate as well as a bunch of 25 cent off coupons. Free lunch meat, bacon, ham....corn dogs...whatever you want! It's your gift certificate!

A short list of companies that send freebies can be found on the Bedfordnomics Facebook page under the Discussions tab. Make sure to like us while you're there!

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