Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Christmas for Free: How to Get Free DVDs

You all know about Disney Movie Rewards, right?

You sign up, and then every time you buy a DVD, you enter the code on the site here, and they add points to your account. Just like Huggies and Pampers! Except here, you're earning Disney stuff.

It takes 750 points to earn a Handy Manny DVD - which I've spent about 1 year saving for.

But guess what! I never buy DVDs. I only use the free codes. Sign up to get the monthly email newsletter, take the surveys (3 available I think, under MY DMR) and save up your points. You might be able to earn a freebie by Halloween (That's when you want to get your free stuff ordered from rewards companies if it's for Christmas).

There are things worth less than 750 points, and things worth more. Handy Manny is just what we saved for! What are you saving for?

And let me start you off with a 5 point code! H3JM73RT4X

Love and kisses,

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