Wednesday, November 16, 2011

$2 Shipped for the I Like Book!

The I Like Book was in the Golden Globes gift bags in 2010. This is an awesome way to validate your kids. Every day you write down something you like. Something they did that you liked: "I liked how you let your baby brother snuggle with you when we read our book today." Something they are that you like: "I like your sweet smile when I come to get you up in the morning."

It helps build their self-esteem and brings happiness and peace to your home. My mom likes me! How many times, growing up, did we all wonder if our parents even liked us? How many of us want that for our kids? This is a way to combat that attitude.

This is the deal on SaveMore:
With today’s deal, purchase one I Like Book of your choice for $12 ($24.95 value), two I Like Books of your choice for $17 ($44.90 value), or three I Like Books of your choice for only $24 ($64.85 value) from Each offer includes FREE shipping and you can choose The I Like Book for Kids and/or The I Like Book for Couples.

The I Like Book retails for $19.95, and there is shipping. With this deal, shipping is free. If you have your $10 from being a new SaveMore member, or some credit you've earned from referring, you can get this for even less than the great deal it already is. 

This book comes highly recommended from me. It's 6x9, it'll fit in most Christmas stockings. What a great gift to give, self-esteem, for about the best price you can get!

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