Saturday, November 26, 2011

BzzAgent: Private Selection Frozen Foods Review

Brian and I are members of BzzAgent, so we occasionally get new products to try and review. I think this was the 6th BzzCampaign we've been involved in, and it was one of the tastiest, for sure!

Kroger has a line of frozen food called Private Selection, that is supposed to be a gourmet line of products. We were given coupons to try a free appetizer, dessert, and pizza. They arrived the night before Thanksgiving and we figured that was perfect timing - pop frozen food into the oven and not mess up the kitchen!

We first tried the Mediterranean hors d'oeurves. There were 3 different kinds of appetizer, and there were three of each. The spinach pesto puffs, I thought were great, and the boys fought over them!  My favorite was the mushroom phyllo triangle, and Brian liked the sundried tomato and feta rolls. Our only real problem with these was that they are small and there is not enough to go around. If I were eating these by myself I would have been upset with the portion size!

So then we tried the pizza. We got pepperoni and roasted garlic. Jasper got a bite of garlic (big bite) and was not interested in that. Jonny wasn't really a fan either, but Brian and I liked it. It had ball mozzarella, thin crust - but it was again so very small! Brian was upset that the whole pizza wouldn't be enough to feed him.

The dessert we tried was Northern Spy Apple Crisp. This, finally, was a decent portion size! It tasted very good, and I felt like I had gotten enough, even though I shared with Jasper and Jonny. Brian liked it, but he said he wouldn't buy it again, and it tasted like something that would be good for breakfast.

All in all, the food was very good. But it was also very small, and at the price point Kroger has it at ($4-9) we did not think it was worth the retail price. We did however really like the neat oven mitt they sent us for helping out with their marketing campaign!

These product coupons and opportunity came from BzzAgent, a word of mouth marketing organization. Coupons and free items are given to testers in order to get our honest opinion and for us to share with others. I encourage everyone to join BzzAgent. It's very easy and a lot of fun to try things you wouldn't be trying otherwise!


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