Sunday, November 13, 2011

BzzAgent: Try New Products for FREE!

BzzAgent is currently my favorite way to try out free items. This also helps pad our grocery budget, although when you sign up for a BzzKit it takes a while to come.

This is a word of mouth marketing campaign. They think the best way to advertise is to get people (regular people like you and me) to try out their products, write blogs about them, tweet and share on Facebook, and tell our friends what we think!

Not hard at all right?

In June, I had a BzzCampaign for SC Johnson products. The box had full-size products in it: Lemon scented Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles foaming shower cleaner, the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Wand, a Glade premium air freshener, a bottle of the yellow Windex, and a Glade candle in some sparkling spring scent. I tried them, I reviewed them, and then I was offered more BzzCampaigns! Some are online products, but most are products found in stores.

This week sometime I am expecting a BzzKit from the Truly Awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie. It'll either have actual products or coupons for me to go get them from Kroger for free. We try them, review them, and blog them. The better we do, the more BzzCampaigns we are considered for!

The week after Thanksgiving I'm expecting a BzzKit from Private Selection gourmet frozen food. I don't know how gourmet food can be when it's been frozen, but it looks like I'm about to find out!

BzzAgent is a free program. I encourage you to sign up and see what products you'll get to try for free!


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