Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Amazon Money for Christmas!

Folks, I have no excuse! I've been busy, but aren't we all?

Anyway, my main focus lately has been how to stretch our bucks even further. Things have gotten way easier due to my AdvoCare career, and my husband took a part-time job at a golf course (because he gets to play golf for free and that pays him better than any paycheck!)

But I have been hanging out here with my boys and working on Christmas shopping for free. How am I going to do that?

Like this!

First, Swagbucks. If you don't do it, do it now. Download the search bar, you automatically get a buck a day for having that. Answer the polls, another buck a day. Go through the NOSO (ads, you just skip through them all and get 2 points per day at the end.) Right there is $4 per day. Then when your kids are napping and you have time to fold laundry, watch Swagbucks TV. You can earn up to 75 bucks per day just by watching the ads. By doing those things, without even searching, you earn over $320 in Amazon gift cards in a year. That's not a fortune but it's not chump change either, considering that Christmas is once a year. That helps.

Second, Opinion Outpost. You do surveys that take about 10 minutes (great naptime activity!!) and are worth 10-50 points. At 50 points, you can get a $5 Amazon gift card. It adds up FAST.

I'm up to about $50 on Amazon to finish up my Christmas shopping. Figure in Free SuperSaver shipping and we're done! I've spent about $100 on Amazon for Christmas. All of it was someone else's money!

So check that out...I'm going to put up a couple blogs about how to get stuff for free...Whoever told you that nothing in life is free...well they were sort of right. You pay with your time. But if you can rationalize that when your kids are asleep, you need a break, and you can use that break saving for Christmas by doing surveys in a quiet living room, it's not much time lost.


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