Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Money for No Time at All!

Inbox Dollars is a way to get paid cash to read emails. Really, I doubt anyone actually reads them. You just kind of scroll to the bottom and hit confirm, and it puts a couple cents in your account. You get a couple emails per day, they don't spam you. It adds up very slowly, but if you don't really pay attention to it, it winds up adding up over time. You can cash out at $30 (check in the mail) and from the past two weeks I have some $8.75 in my account. Not bad for about 3 seconds of effort.

YouData is another way to not get rich quick, but have some fun side money. If you have ever been an eBaby, like me, you know how much fun it is to win something! This year, Jasper wanted a Thomas the Train so bad. I decided to put one in his stocking, and found one on eBay for $3, free shipping! I paid for it with my YouData money. I got my kid something he will love for Christmas, I got my auction fix, and it was free. You watch a couple ads, click on a couple links...takes about 5 minutes. They pay you every Friday into your PayPal.

Listia is another one. Listia is a FREE auction site. You sign up, hook your account up through Twitter and Facebook, watch a little video, and verify your account, and you have over 600 credits to spend from the start! Then, you use those credits to bid on items that are being auctioned. You get more credits for doing things, bidding, leaving comments, sharing on Facebook. I got Jasper a pack of Color Wonder paper to go with his Cars 2 Color Wonder kit from the Kimberly-Clark promotion - now over.

You don't pay to be a member of any of these sites. It's free. You will not get rich quick. You will not get rich slow. But if you are looking for some extra money for Christmas, birthdays, for you to spend on pedicures and lattes, these are great places to start.


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