Monday, November 14, 2011

Heartsy: Hand-crocheted hat for $5!

If you are new to Heartsy, you will get a $5 credit. (If you signed up before and never purchased, your $5 is still in there, be assured.

JwhizCrochet is offering a $21 voucher to her store for $10. Using your credit, you will only pay $5!! I looked in her store, and almost everything is well under $21, so I'm assuming the difference will pay for shipping.
How cute would your little guy (or girl, she puts a bow on for a girl!) be in this giraffe hat?

Personally, I'm imagining my little guys in this moose hat.

And I know a whole family of kids who would look adorable in different colored frosting cupcake hats!!

$5 for a handmade hat that's THAT stinkin' cute, from a seller with 100% positive feedback...Winter is coming folks! Go check it out!


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