Sunday, November 13, 2011

Help the Environment, Get Free Stuff!

We like the world. It's nice here. It's the only one we have. We should take better care of it. You can now do this and still get free stuff.

Recycle Bank will pick up your recyclables and award you points for them. They have prizes such as gift cards, kids' toys, organic baby products, and magazine subscriptions (Best deal, IMHO). They have free point opportunities all the time. Sign up, log in, and hit EARN and you'll see all the ways you can get a bunch of points for learning facts about the environment and things we can do to decrease our footprint. With the points available now, you should be able to get a free subscription to Better Homes and Gardens or something equally awesome.

EcoBonus is NEW! It's still in Beta form. Go there, sign up for 15 points. Fill out your profile for 10 points, and then go LIKE them on Facebook for another 25 points. That gives you 50 points. Once they are approved, you'll be able to use them. There's a free box of Kashi bars you can afford, and there's a free magazine subscription for 42 points - 81 titles available. Or, you could save your points, since this company is still in beta form, and wait to get something BIGGER!


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