Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tiny Prints Deal - 4 More Days!

Tiny Prints is my go-to card company - Christmas, birthdays, birth announcements, whatever - they just do the best job, and nobody else will be sending one like them. They often have freebies too (So it would be a good idea for you to fan them on Facebook!) where you can make one card, shipped to you free, so you can test them out!

Well, anybody who's ever gotten a photo card from me - this is where they came from - and you know they are worth every penny of the retail price.

A few days ago, Tiny Prints gave me the opportunity to share a deal with you. That deal expires 11/30. If you buy a $25 gift certificate and spend $100 on your holiday cards, you'll get $30 off your entire order. I just wanted to remind you that this is an incredible deal. You can get the best cards around for 30% off, and you can get a gift card to give to someone you want to share the wonder of Tiny Prints with! (Or, like me, you can save that gift card to use for your kids' birthday invitations in a few months!)

I also wanted to call your attention to this card. It fits with the Nordic decorating theme that's big this year!
I think red and white together looks snazzy, don't you?


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