Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Today's One Kings Lane Freebies!

Edit: It's just come to my attention that new customers must make a $30 purchase in order to use their $15 credit. Your credit is valid for 6 months. See here for more information.

One Kings Lane is at it again! Still got your $15 credit? If you never spent it (or if you don't have it yet, it's still available through the One Kings Lane links in this post) there are a bunch more freebies available!

Cute metal pot! $15, free with your credit!

Cute guest towel tray for your spare bathroom! $15, free with your credit.

The Ultimate MicroPlane tool: $9, free with credit!

Hot pink paring set!! How cute is that? Comes in 4 other less girly colors. $12, free with credit.

Those frames are nice and bright! $15, free with your credit!

That's not everything, just a couple cute quick things for you to see before you go shopping! Enjoy! Shipping is $6.95.


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