Friday, December 2, 2011

Freebies from RueLaLa

If you are already a RueLaLa member, check your account! They recently added Paypal as a payment method, so they dropped $10 in everyone's account. If you signed up awhile back, you probably still have your $10 credit from that (no longer available). I signed in and found $20! If you check out using Paypal, shipping is free! So this is the order I just made (for myself! Hooray!)
That is 3 1lb canisters of AHAVA mineral bath salts, 3 different scents. I love soaking in these! They are from the dead sea, all natural, and amazing. This set is normally $33!

Go check your RueLaLa and see if you have $20 to spend! There are many other things to get, not just bath salts (But AHAVA does have a lot of stuff that would be free.) Check out Little Rue also for free taggie stuffed animals, boys' clothes, and bigger kid games!


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