Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I Will Not Feel Guilty! RueLaLa's Little Rue = Lots of FREEBIES!

So last week I used my credits on RueLaLa to buy myself a $33 bath salt set, and I was proud that I had bought something for me and not my kids' Christmas. (In fairness, my kids have so much for Christmas now that I got for free that it's pretty much disgusting. They do not need another thing.) But today I checked out Little Rue and saw some good freebies! Remember, shipping is free through 12/16 and you get a $10 credit for signing up. These items are ALL free with your credit. Under Kids -> Little Rue -> Western Chief for the umbrellas, Alex toys for the items below. Check it out! There are also freebies under Women, Men, Living, etc. But these are the good kids ones, and I only have time for so much. :)


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