Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tiny Prints Valentine Cards

Tiny Prints is doing Valentines for school now! I didn't know. Go look and see how adorable they are! I love the owl ones.

My boys are too little to really do Valentines like this, but I know a lot of you out there have bigger kids. Tiny Prints  Valentines Day Greeting Cards are incredibly cute, they have boy ones and girl ones and gender neutral ones. Any theme that your child could be into is there. There's something for you.

When I was little, we gave Valentine Cards. My favorite ones had bunnies on them in prairie dresses. I think I was in third grade. Now I know there are rules about them - candy must be wrapped, no homemade food, etc.

Since my kids are small, I will be doing things like letting them color pictures of Cupid of hearts, signing them for them and mailing them overseas to members of our armed forces. And using a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut their sandwich, and I found a pin on pinterest that shows how to make a hard boiled egg shaped like a heart. I'm also going to teach Jonny the ASL sign for I Love You. Jasper knows it, so he can help me.

So check out the Tiny Prints Valentine cards! Follow them on Twitter! Check them out on Facebook! And take a look at their pinboards on Pinterest!


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