Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Product from Shutterfly! YEARBOOKS!

The people at Shutterfly just pointed this new product out to me and asked me to share it with all of you! I know many of you have kids in public school, and with that comes TONS of spelling tests, works of art, and various other projects. Shutterfly just created the Yearbook for you! This is a project that you and your scanner can do at home to commemorate all the things your child accomplished in a year's time! How cool would it be if you started in Pre-K and kept going until senior year? Your child could look back at how they had grown in so many ways, and I know this is thinking a little too far ahead for some of you, but he could share these books with his children and show them what school was like for them. What they excelled at, what they had trouble with, who their friends were, their activities.

Shutterfly talks about this yearbook as a way for your child to list his memories or accomplishments. That's great, I'm not disputing that, but as I was writing this, I realized that there could be another, very meaningful purpose for these I wanted to look at this product from a different angle. Nobody wants their kid to be bullied, but nobody thinks their kid would be capable of being a bully either. We know that bullies and kids who are bullied are often seeking the feeling of being the important person to someone. A Shutterfly yearbook can help you give your child that feeling of importance, that confidence, and combat the insecurities that come with growing up.

This is a really great way to show your child that you SEE them. I talk a lot about validation. Public school is one place where kids often feel left out, let down, and invisible. You can combat those feelings at home by making sure your child feels seen and heard. A Shutterfly yearbook is one way to do that. At the end of the school year, to present your child with this book that says, "Look, this is what I've seen from you in the past year. You had trouble in math to start with, but you worked so hard to pull up your grade, I'm proud of you for that. This report you wrote for history was very well-thought out and put together. You had that solo in the Christmas concert and you didn't even miss a note because you practiced so much." This gives him confidence, boosts his self-esteem and self-worth, and he's less likely to allow himself to be bullied or to try to get that sense of importance through putting others down.

The Yearbook tells your child that sometimes other people might not see amazing person he is, but YOU do. You see that he is growing as a person, and that you know him. It could even open new doors of communication.

When he is grown, give him a collection of these yearbooks to go off to college, where you can't see him, so that his work and accomplishments can encourage him.

These books are so easy to make. Shutterfly streamlines the entire operation for you. There are templates that are pre-designed for activities and subjects. Everything is in one spot to make it simple. Shutterfly offers a big discount - 75% - if you order for a school or a group.

So go check out Shutterfly's new photo yearbooks. And while you're clickin', go follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

This post was sponsored by the sweet folks at Shutterfly and I was compensated, but these are my true feelings about the Shutterfly Yearbook's potential for fostering a great relationship with your kids.

- Ashley

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