Monday, April 23, 2012

My Goal for Christmas 2011: 5 People Under $50

You want to know what that is?

That is our Christmas from last year. A is my husband, and B-E are our kids. 

See, I made it my goal last year to get an upper class Christmas on an under poverty budget. Just to see if I could. I gave myself $50 for my Christmas budget - for all 5 of the people I shop for. The value of all 20 gifts for all 5 people was $700.20. I did not meet my goal. But I still did a great job - $58.58 for the gifts under the tree, and less than $5 for everything in the stockings - including candy.

I'm going to be doing it again this year. Actually, I'm already 3 gifts in. I know people who hit the after Christmas sales and shop for the next year, but this is more of a challenge for me, and it's more fun all year round. 

Some of the places I got our free gifts from no longer exist. Gadget Gear folded, so did Home Decor, and Accessories Direct. Thredup is no longer a company I can recommend in good faith. 

Swagbucks bought everything that came from Amazon. (It pays off, people. Really it does.) Totsy is still a site I use also, they have excellent deals on top brands. And 8moms still gets my vote too - it's through Parenting magazine, and if you use the code PARENTING8 they should still credit $8 into your account. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It took some work and some doing but it wound up really paying off in a big way!

Who's going to join me this year in getting Christmas for free, or as close to it as possible? :)



  1. I applaud you, I wish I could do this. We get along and find deals but not like that.

    1. Keep your eyes open for the good deals I post and look for deals other places (and let me know if you find them, I'll post them!) and maybe this year we'll ALL be under $50! :)