Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Was I Out Of Office?

On Sunday, my boys and I are flying up to PA for two weeks to visit family and old friends. Some of which have never met my youngest and only saw my big boy when he was 6 months old. We're very excited, but we have to leave my husband behind. Summer is his prime overtime season and he can't give that up. Which is his excuse that covers his fear of flying. :) I love him anyway.

He works 13 hour days on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and works late on Saturday too. We wanted to take a day and cram so much fun into it that it was crazy, since the boys and I are going away for two weeks - the longest any of us have ever been apart since early '09 - we wanted to get some high-quality family time in. So he took a day off work and I took a day off the blog and we spent the day being together and enjoying our boys and our great outdoors for Earth Month!

In addition to that, due to this trip, we are tightening our belts just a little, so we only did free things today. :) We went to the park and played at the playgrounds, and then got the formerly free, now 25 cent plus tax 32 oz waters (guess they make you pay for the cup now -_-) and then came home for lunch. After lunch and a little bit of mental recharge for the boys (they don't like naps anymore, but they sat and watched Cars for half an hour) we filled up our little pool and water table (free last summer from Swagbucks!) and sat outside in the sun and watched the boys play!

Everybody is so tired now, but my sweet husband is soldiering through, King of the Grill that he is, making us turkey burgers, with avocado, bacon, and sharp cheddar for supper!

What a wonderful, perfect day!


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  1. Sounds like a blast! I hope that you have many more days like this and that your trip is safe.