Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's Try To Dumb it Down This Summer!

So I know that we are all surrounded in technology all the time. We have our computers. And some of us have the computer and the TV somehow put together so you can surf the web with your Nintendo. And when some of us leave our SmartHome we take with us our SmartPhone so we can "check in" and Facebook from the road and upload pictures of our food when we eat out. And when we read a book? We download it onto an e-reader and there is no page turning. No "old book smell." No trips to the library...just to the Amazon e-store, from the comfort (seclusion?) of our home.

My sweet husband and boys took me out to eat the day after Mother's Day because I don't dig the crowds. I love going out to restaurants....I like people watching. No, I don't watch you chew. I like to watch how people interact.

The family just over my husbands left shoulder ate without speaking. The two tweenage kids both had one hand on a fork and the other on a SmartObject, earbuds smushed into their ears. They didn't even interact with their parents...but their parents did not seem to mind. Mom was photographing and probably uploading her meal to Facebook, along with a check-in and a comment about being with her family. Dad had his Bluetooth in his ear, and he was discussing something with someone on the other end.

What does that tell me? The person on the other end of the BlueTooth, the artists on the kids' things, and ALL of Facebook who may or may not even look at the picture of the food were all more important than the people who were sitting at the table.

I won't say I don't do it. Kind of. I take pictures of my kids in restaurants because they are probably doing something cute, and I upload them so I don't forget. I've used the check in feature I think twice on my SmartPhone.

But the thing is - I see people everywhere so glued to their screens that they neglect the people in front of them. I'm a blogger, and I've on occasion told my children, "Hang on just a sec, let me type this quick and I'll wrestle." And those days, I check myself and knock off for the day.

I want to challenge us all this summer to unplug as often as possible. I'll get on here and update on occasion, I'll post giveaways and free stuff when I can....but before I am a blogger, I am a Mom. God didn't give me my babies so I could avoid them to type.

We will be going outside. Air is free! The splash pad near our house is free too, and we'll be there on Thursday afternoons - join us! We'll be in the yard! We'll be at the playground! We'll make a trip to the beach and maybe to the zoo. We'll go to the library and check out books with pages. We will let go of the computer and SmartObjects and air conditioning....and we'll be outside. And the only thing smart about eating dinner will be our food choices.

Who's going to be joining us outside? Forget your SmartLives....let's get back to basics an dumb it down for the summer!


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