Sunday, May 13, 2012

**CLOSED** Review/Giveaway: The Latchy Catchy!!

I was given an opportunity a few weeks ago to review and run a giveaway for an incredible product that I wish I had thought to invent back when my boys were little - although, now that we have it, future babies will have an easier time sleeping!

So imagine with me: Your baby is itty bitty, you've just nursed him to sleep, and you're carrying him to his bed for a nap. You tiptoe into the room, sloooooowly extend your arms to lay them down and - miracle of miracles - he doesn't start screaming when their head hits the mattress! So you look for a minute and think, "Wow. What a beautiful little person you are." Then you turn verrrrry quietly and tiptoe back to the door, step through and carefully palm the doorknob, turning it as silently as possible, pull it shut and very gently let it go. The tumblers click - you freeze - and the cute little snore coming out of that sweet sleeping little person morphs into a bloodcurdling scream. And you have to start over.

Well, Gwen and Lyndsey of Rosefields Market are the geniuses behind the Latchy Catchy. This brilliant little product fastens from one doorknob to the other and holds the latch of the door. No tumblers click. You can open and close the door silently - and avoid the entire scenario I just replayed from pretty much everyone's newborn-raising experience, which is an experience Lyndsey repeated several times until she took a sock and two rubber bands and hooked the door latch. This of course was an eyesore, so she found some cute material and coordinating rubber bands and the Latchy Catchy was born in January 2012!!

They were so generous to send us a few samples of the Latchy Catchy. The samples arrived just before I headed to my parents' house for a two week vacation, and I thought, "Perfect! Drafty house meets Latchy Catchy. Let's test this out in an extreme situation." Also remember that my son was in an unfamiliar situation, new house, new people, and not anywhere near his comfort zone. Well I put it on my his door. He never noticed me checking on him. Didn't even roll over. And best of all - there was a wind storm one night. The windows were open in his room, and the draft blew the door shut. He never woke up!!! AMAZING! No slamming, no clicking tumblers, just uninterrupted snoring!

These have just become my new go-to baby gift. I mean, I love shopping for cute little clothes, I love giving things from their registry - I'm not saying ignore everybody's baby registry - but there are things people forget! Or don't know exist! This is one of those things where they would say, "What? Why?" And then find out a month later that "OMW this is amazing."

And best of all - they are SO affordable! In Rosefields Market's Etsy shop, they are $8 apiece. Shipping is free to the US. And if this is a gift, they will wrap it, ship to the recipient and include a card with your personal message for free!

It gets better though, guys. If you choose to purchase through the Etsy shop on their Facebook page, you can save 10% - the price goes from $8.00 even to $7.20.

And then it got even better. Gwen and Lyndsey are offering ONE lucky Bedfordnomics reader the chance to win a free Latchy Catchy in their choice of fabric!

How do you win?

Mandatory entry: Go to the Latchy Catchy Etsy shop and comment below to tell me what your favorite print is.

Bonus entries:
1. Like Rosefields Market on Facebook
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3. Post about this giveaway on your personal facebook (Tag Bedfordnomics and Rosefields Market)
4. Blog about this giveaway, include a link in your comment

There you go. 5 ways to enter. Make sure that when you complete the entry requirements, you leave a SEPARATE comment on THIS BLOG POST (not on Facebook, it must be under this blog post) so I can give you credit! :)

You only have until midnight next Saturday, May 19th (which happens to be my birthday) so get those entries coming!!

Have fun!!



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