Sunday, July 22, 2012

Amazon: $80 Beach Toy Set, Under $20!

This is an Amazon deal, which means if you want it you need to jump. They have been known to change prices suddenly without warning.

This beach set includes 3 beach balls of various sizes, a paddleball set, a bubble squirtgun with bubble soap, 2 mini beach play sets with a bucket, shovel, rake, and scoop and 1 bigger 6 inch play set with all the stuff you need to build a fabulous sand castle. They come in mesh bags with makes it easy to bring home just the toys, not the sand!

Regularly $79.95, it is on sale right now for $18.95 - $61 off!

Also, parent tip: When you go to the beach, take baby powder with you. Before getting into the car, dust sandy feet with baby powder and the sand and powder brush right off like magic!

Go get your toys!!


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