Monday, July 16, 2012

BzzAgent: Kroger Sponsored Family Night

I recently was invited to join a pretty sweet BzzCampaign - Family night. They provided the munchies, we had the family night. And I lost my camera, which has the pictures, so they will come later.

We hung out, watched Bill Cosby: Himself (Awesome family friendly comedy, comes HIGHLY recommended by the Bedfords) and ate our Truly Awesome Pizza, our Tortilla Cupz, and drank our vitamin water, courtesy of BzzAgent and Kroger.

We had a really hard time cooking the pizza. The directions say to put it directly on the oven rack - and it drooped over the edges and dripped cheese onto the bottom of my oven - I am not happy about this. Then the middle was still raw. We just stuck each individual piece in to the microwave and nuked it the rest of the way and they were fine. When fully cooked, we all thought the pizzas tasted great.

The tortilla cupz were AWESOME. They are tougher than Tostitos brand. My two year old likes to use the chip as a spoon to shovel in the salsa (I know....he couldn't possibly be my child). He will do this until the chip is soggy and then he gets a new one to waste. (Yes, he gets his own cereal bowl full of Pace. No double dipping in the Bedford house!) I noticed that he seemed to be inhaling the same amount of picante sauce, but wasting fewer chips! They hold up great to chunky salsas too! AND They are 2 for $4 this week at Kroger.

I did not particularly like the flavor of the vitamin water, but both toddlers really did enjoy it, asked for more, and were sad and brought me the keys when they ran out. I'm happy because it's cheaper than name brand and healthier than juice.

All Kroger brand, all awesome, and all free in exchange for our reviews from BzzAgent, the web's best word of mouth marketing company. Join.


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