Sunday, July 29, 2012

CVS Run 7/29

Wahoo! I got there 15 minutes after they opened, and only one of the shelf clearers had been in, so there was still a lot of what I wanted this time!

First thing, we go through a LOT of cold cereal. Kelloggs had a deal running where if you spend $15 on Kelloggs, you get $5 back in ECBs. The cereal was on sale for $2 a box. I used $1/2 coupons and got them for $1.50 each. My first transaction went like this:

2 boxes of Raisin Bran
2 boxes of Raisin Bran Crunch
2 boxes of Corn Pops (were not in the advertisement, but in the store they were included in the sale)
2 boxes of Froot Loops

Used 2 $1/2 Raisin Bran printables
Used 2 $1/2 any Kelloggs cereal printables
Used $1 ECB from last week
Used $3 ECB from email on Friday

$16 total - $8 coupons and ECBs, and somehow my total was $7.96. Not sure how but I was still happy with it. Also, I got $5 ECBs back.

There was also a 20% off coupon on my card from the website, I sent it to the card yesterday. It didn't come up, but the cashier explained that they only use one sent to card coupon per transaction and they go on the order you send them. Good to know for the future.

My second transaction, I got the Dawn for 99, 3 of the Suave deodorants, a Right Guard, a bottle of CVS brand body wash, a pack of dish clothes and a dish towel, and two Hot Wheels cars toward Christmas stockings.

Always scan your CVS card at the kiosk. I got a coupon for $1.50 off Right Guard, a coupon for $2 off $2 deodorant purchase, and $3 off CVS brand body washes.

I had 50 cents off coupons for each Suave deodorant, an the Dawn, and that $5 ECB from the first transaction.

This is how Transaction 2 went down:

3 Suave deodorants - $1 each
1 Right Guard deodorant - $3.29
1 CVS body wash - $2.37
1 Dawn dish soap - $0.99
1 pack of dish cloths - $1
1 kitchen towel - $1
Two Hot Wheels cars - $1.37 each

Used 3 .50/1 Suave deodorant coupons
Used $1.50/1 Right Guard CVS coupon
Used $3/1 CVS body wash coupon
Used .50/1 Dawn coupon

At first, I didn't even have the Hot Wheels....but then that 20% coupon came off my card and I was WAY under, so I grabbed the boys each a car for in their Christmas stockings. And I was still under. $4.84 before my $5 ECB, but I gave up and left it go! My total I guess because of tax was 7 cents.

So my total hit to the paycheck was $8.03, and the value was $54.17. 86% savings!

How did you do at CVS this week?


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