Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fake It Frugal - Hacking Name Brand Products

Pinterest is out of control. Or maybe I'm out of control in using it. I've found all kinds of new recipes. I've found all kinds of crafts and decor ideas for my home. I've learned all kinds of little tricks to do with my garden to help it grow better. For example, when you boil eggs, after the water cools, pour it on your tomatoes because it's full of calcium and helps them grow....and helps you not waste water!

Recently it has come to my attention that we could sit around waiting for sales on cake mixes, cookie mixes, brownie mixes.....or we could fake it at home. I recently pinned this website: Fake It Frugal. This is crazy! She has listed "hacks" for Betty Crocker mixes, just mix them up, bag them up and  label them, and it's the Same. Thing. TOTALLY blew my mind!

I definitely encourage you to check out Fake It Frugal. She has hacks for everything. Febreze. Windex. Cream of Whatever soups. Bisquick! You can get them cheap SOMETIMES, but sometimes not. So you HAVE to look at her page.

In some ways, I wish I had come up with them all, just to say I had...but truly I'm glad she did it so I can just use all her ideas!! Bookmark it, people. It's genius.


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