Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Christmas Gifts: Copious

Have you heard of Copious? I posted about it a little while back. Just in case: Here it is. I'm giving every single one of you $10 to blow on fun stuff from Copious - which is like an online yardsale mixed with Etsy - and it means you can get something for someone on your Christmas list....for....nothing!

See, the $10 can include shipping. So if your order is under $10, they will charge you one penny, because their payment system doesn't allow *FREE* to happen. But what's a penny? You have like a jillion in the couch you're sitting on. I got this sweater for one of my boys for a penny - it was BARELY even worn.

So go check it out - what do you have to lose? I'll tell you. A penny and a bunch of things off your Christmas shopping list. That's what you have to lose.


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