Monday, July 23, 2012

Giveaway: 10% Coupon Code to FlipSize!!

We are always taking about how to dress our kids for less, how to make our carbon footprint smaller and lessen the amount of waste our families produce.

This morning I want to tell  you about a new option for recycling your children's outgrown clothing! FlipSize is a company that will take your outgrown clothes, make sure there aren't any stains or holes you missed, and put them up for sale. You don't get money for them, but they assign a number of points to each item (can be quite high for uncommon sizes or higher end brands) and you use your total points to either cash out in a gift card or use to shop on their site. For a gift card, you can choose from Amazon, Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Target, Kohls or Massage Envy. And of course, FlipSize.

I tried out this service to make some space in my small home. FlipSize sent me a big UPS shipping bag, which I stuffed with 16 lbs of my kids' outgrown clothing, dropped off at UPS (it was prepaid!) and waited about a week for it to be processed. I was given enough points to get a $25 Amazon gift card! They don't tell you what items got what points, and I'm not sure what they do with clothing they receive but do not sell - maybe the good people at FlipSize would care to weigh in on that!

I really loved it. It got a large amount of clothing out of my small and sort of crowded house, all at once, so it had that instant gratification feel to it, and I was rewarded with money I didn't have otherwise. I might make more money if I went to consignment or sold online, but it takes forever and I don't have the time to photograph each item or tag things. I want to stuff a bag and send it off and get it out of my house. If that's you, you should try it!

I have not shopped in the store, but I have heard that the items are closely vetted for quality and wear. I wanted to see what other customers thought of the service, so I asked FlipSize to poll their customers about what they love about FlipSize. This is what they had to say:

I adore Flipsize, I love that my small clothes can be homed again and loved by another little one. I get to in turn take clothes from another family and enjoy them all over again on my little girl. The items are priced well and being able to individually pick out tops and bottoms is so much fun. I am addicted to this site and check daily for new finds, it's fun and a refreshing way of redoing your little ones wardrobes!! - Sally D.
I've been a member for awhile now, bought many items and even have won a few things(easter egg hunt). Flipsize is an innovative company always looking out for their customers. They respond fast to questions and concerns and always treat everyone fairly. Alot of places you don't have the opportunity to speak one on one with someone. Plus the clothes are great, never in dingy condition. Great prices and great customer service. I love flipsize! - Tracy W.
I have 5 kids, and sometime my kids don't like hand-me-downs from their siblings. The styles just don't match or they are the wrong season. So we send those clothing into flipsize, in turn we get to pick out all "new" clothing. Each child feels special, someone else gets to use our clothing, and the earth is a little better because we aren't causing waste or generating new product need :) I love flipsize and so do my kids! - Michelle S.
I love the cheap prices and the quality clothing that you get!! In today's economy it's nice that someone thinks about the common man when they are selling anything and this website is great and a rare find!!! - Lisa D.

So you Bedfordnomics readers are lucky! Why? Because FlipSize wants to give one of you lucky people out there a 10% off coupon for their store! (This can mean a BIG savings!) When you combine that with the free shipping offer that is going on for the next two weeks, you're REALLY saving money while you help cut down on waste!!

Here's what you need to do to enter.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Comment on this blog telling me a way you try to "green" your family's lifestyle.

Bonus entries: These ONLY count if you have already completed the mandatory entry! Each time you complete an entry requirement you must post a separate comment. When the giveaway ends, I will count up the comments and use to find a winner - so if you post all your entries in one comment you are cheating yourself! Comment separately for the win! :)

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5 ways to win! This giveaway will run from today, 7/23 until Sunday 7/29. This is a day shorter than most of my giveaways, because 7/30 is my anniversary so I'll be busy doing anniversary-celebrating things. So make sure you get in on this!!


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful blog post about our service. When it comes to items that are sent in and not accepted we donate them to local charities. We love donating to women's shelters and recovery centers. However, we do not end up with too many items to donate because our members understand our No Dud Standards and send in some of the greatest looking items.

    We welcome everyone to try our service. It's free to register so come join the FlipSize family.

    We look forward to meeting you all.

    FS Admin