Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to Get Everything You Need and Not Pay For It: Part 7: Referrals

Referrals! Yes, I know, no one likes soliciting. You're not soliciting if you are sharing a great deal on something or a category of items that someone is really interested in. There are a TON of daily deals sites that you should become a member of. Some offer a sign-up bonus for everyone. All of them offer a credit amount when someone joins their site through your invitation. You can earn free items, for gifts or for yourself, by allowing your referral credits to add up.

You also win because you become a member of a site that posts amazing deals all the time. I'm not saying never ever buy, but you do not HAVE to unless your credit is about to expire. Let me get down to it here.

Copious is one I've been talking a lot about lately. They are a combination of handmade items, new items, and used items. Some of it is people unloading their old junk. But there are some gems among all that! You get $10 for signing up (and until 7/26/12 you can get another $10 with this link as well after you've signed up). When you invite others and they shop and order, as soon as their order is delivered, you get $5 in your account. You are allowed to earn up to $200! At the prices they are listing on there, that could be a lot of very nice stuff. As long as your total including shipping (they have over 21,000 items on there for free shipping, FYI) is under your credit amount, all you will pay is ONE PENNY! Their payment system, PoundPay, requires that they not have $0.00 transactions, so a penny is all you pay.

RueLaLa is a great one for HIGH end brand name items. I mean pricey! But at fantastically discounted prices, of course. They DO charge you to ship - once a month for $9.95. You buy something, pay shipping with it, and then for 30 days you don't owe shipping at all, which is really nice. Credit can be used toward shipping. They do not have a signup bonus but for every friend you refer that orders you earn $10.

Plum District is a great one for local deals. They often have offers for discounted museum or zoo tickets, or deals for local restaurants. You sign up under the metro area closest to you and they will give you the deals that are close to you. If you are traveling, you can change your area so you can look at deals for your trip! They also have deals on items in online stores as well, and sometimes magazine subscriptions. They do not currently have a signup bonus, but anyone you refer who orders will credit you $5 to your name.

One Kings Lane is another high end site, but it's almost exclusively home decor and kitchen items. Around Christmas they do have gift wrap and toy deals as well. Shipping takes a long time, but I have found that it is very worth it. Each package you order comes with a free candle or two and a little note. Very classy, very cute, very well packaged. When you sign up, you get $15 free to spend. When you refer someone, you get $15 too!

Totsy has incredible deals for toys and kids clothes, and also for items for the home and women's clothing! I've noticed lately they have branched out into men's as well! You don't get credit for signing up, but when you refer someone you get $15. Shipping is always $7.95, and credit can be used toward shipping. This is one of my all-time favorite Christmas gift sites!

Gilt is a really good one to belong to as well! They have unusual sales, once again very high end brand names and styles, for men, women and kids, home decor you won't find anywhere else, and a $25 credit for each person you refer. That's a good one, huh? No signup bonus BUT your credits can be used on shipping.

Zulily is a fantastic site RIGHT NOW to sign up for and start referring. Until 8/31/12, you will get $20 per person you refer!!  As soon as their order ships, you get $20! After 8/31/12, you will still get $15 per referral. This site is for EVERYTHING. There is seriously so much here - a lot of it is babies and kids, but there is home decor as well, and adult clothing.

The Mini Social is high end baby and children's clothing and toys. There is currently no signup bonus, but for each friend you refer you will get $10!

I'll be adding to this list - don't worry, when I do, everyone will know!

Go get in on all these ways to earn free money!


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