Sunday, July 22, 2012

RueLaLa: Incredible Back to School Deals!

Little Rue has great deals today on some really neat stuff! Some sweet back to school deals on backpacks, nap mats and lunch coolers from Wildkin.

I want to talk about these backpacks a minute. The Sidekick backpacks are the perfect size for a K-2 student. (yes, mommies of 5 year olds....your baby is a student this year. *sniff*) They have patterns that appeal to the younger set, but still have the shape of a big kid backpack. And they have a bottom panel (that black piece there) that is really tough, so when they drag it up the driveway by one strap, it will take a LOT longer to wear a hole.

I know my boys are just toddlers but I still am looking at these incredibly cute and tough and well-priced backpacks thinking "Maybe they really should have a backpack to put things in." Yeah right! But they are a great deal at $19.90 for such cuteness and toughness. There are also nap mats and lunch coolers that match or coordinate, all prices are very reasonable for what you're getting.

Shipping at RueLaLa is $9.95 the first time you order, and then for the next 30 days you have earned free shipping.
So I highly recommend you look at this sale if you have a little one starting school this year, to make it a little bit special and to feed into the excitement. Hopefully you can keep school anxiety at bay!


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