Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sonic's Happy Hour is from 2-4 pm!!

It's a few minutes to 2, did you know that half price happy hour at Sonic is from 2-4? My sweet, loving husband gets off work at 3:30 so I think I might just see if he feels like bringing me home a couple orange slushes!

It would go great with a couple cheese burgers on the grill and filling up the pool for the little ones to play in!

What's your favorite slush?



  1. Kurt likes the cherry limeade slush, Mia likes Rootbeer slush, Emily likes Cherry slush, Kane likes Orange Slush, and Dillon likes Powerade slush. I just like sweet tea! LOL

    1. Brian is big on the cherry limeade too! The boys both are way into the lemonberry. I like orange! We're going to make a little trip over to Sonic tomorrow at 2 and have happy hour, we have to miss it today. Apparently the Sonic by Brian's work shut down! :(