Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sunday Coupon Preview: FREE and Valuable Asset!

If you're like me, you're not one of the ones who has the Sunday paper delivered to your door. (I'm between subscriptions...waiting on a high school student to sell me one cheap for band next month!) then you probably want to know if it's worth it to get up early and run around hunting for a full paper! 

From now on you won't have to wonder. Every Thursday afternoon, the Sunday coupon preview is up. See, the Sunday Chronicle comes out on Friday - the "Early Sunday" edition. Different news, same coupons. 

Anyway, before you get out of your jammies for nothing, check out the Sunday Coupon Preview

And I'mma let you know right now - it's a two or three paper weekend, folks!

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  1. Hey nice Update on Sunday Free Coupons Preview. it's too late for me. I bookmarked this post and keep update it