Sunday, July 22, 2012

Webkinz: $2 Apiece!!!

Webkinz are cute plush animals that come with a secret magic code that unlocks an online gaming world. Kids love them. I've seen, but not been to, Webkinz themed birthday parties even!

Graveyard Mall has a 15 pack of new Webkinz which will be released for shipping July 31st. They are charging $29.99 for them, or $2 apiece! Normally they are $15 apiece. Shipping is $6.99 and remember this is a preorder.

The possibilities for a deal like this are endless! Birthday party favors, stocking your gift closet, put a Webkinz puppy in the top of a stocking at Christmas (CUUUUTE!), or in the philanthropic sense, take them to a chronic illness wing of a local hospital and pass them out to the little ones.

It's a great deal, huh? :)

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