Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wittlebee Box Reviews

Everybody wants to dress their kids in the high end brands....not that many of us can afford it.

I personally, cannot justify paying $30 for ONE item of clothing for my kids. I don't even pay that for my own clothes!

So when I heard about Wittlebee, which was offering a box of 8 top brand clothing items for $40, I thought, well, $5 an item seems like a darn good deal...but at the time, I didn't have $40 to toss into my boys' clothing budget. I put the idea aside and in a few weeks, saw a deal where you could get a box for $10! I said....8 items for $10 is a definite good deal. So I bought a box. THEN, I found out the very next day that I could get another box with a different e-mail address (you are allowed two per household, they assume many of their customers have a few kids) and pay $19.99, I was on board...that came to 16 items for my two boys, paying $30 for all of them.

This is how the box works. You create an account, put in your child's name, age and size. You let them know what season you're looking for, what your style is, what colors your child typically wears, and what sorts of graphics or patterns they like (trucks, skulls, plaid or stripes, etc.). Then you place your order, and you can go under your account and add notes. I wrote, "My son has a sensory processing disorder and only wears soft clothing." And, "My son has a big head, so if you could look for shirts that have wider necks or necks that can be made wider (polos, etc) that would be great." You're also subscribed to their service, which will send you a monthly box of clothes and "put them on autopilot" which will charge your card when it ships. This service CAN be cancelled or paused at any time.

The stylist assigned to your account reads what you wrote and chooses items from top brands that they have in stock, packs it into a cute little box, and sends it on over to your house. The turnaround for both boxes was about a week.

They arrived, I got excited, and I let the boys open their mail, camera at the ready! They were both thrilled to get something for them!!

They tore into the boxes, which were really cute, the way the items were arranged inside. There were four pairs of shorts and four shirts inside each box. The brands included Kenneth Cole, Gioberti, Crazy8, Teddy Boom, College Street, and American Apparel.

 These are the outfits all laid out. I'm really impressed with the quality of some things. The American Apparel shirts (we got three between both boxes) are so incredibly soft. So is the Teddy Boom polo. The Kenneth Cole shirts and shorts (they each got a Kenneth Cole outfit) are nice, but huge. We made the joke that maybe people who shop Kenneth Cole have bigger kids than people who shop at Target.

 See, this picture shows the size difference. All of these shorts are 2T! The bottom row are Greendog and Carters, the top row are Kenneth Cole and Gioberti. We live in Texas, so we need shorts year round. The boys can grow into them.

Each box was worth over $100, for sure. Actually, when I added it up, the box with the black Small Paul shirt was worth over $120.

This was immediately Jonny's favorite outfit.

So, is it worth it to pay $40 for them? Yes. Will I be using them again? Oh I'm sure of it. Right away? No. My kids don't need 4 new outfits each month. They just don't wear clothes out that fast. I paused our subscriptions, but will probably be ordering again soon.

It does get even cheaper though. Go ahead and use this link to get a coupon for $10 off your first Wittlebee box.That brings the price of the items down below the price of brand new Garanimals clothes at Walmart. For Kenneth Cole. :)

I highly recommend that you check them out.



  1. Sorry I just have to note on the Kenneth Cole comment you made. I got a Kenneth Cole outfit in my box and told my husband the same thing because it is HUGE on my kid! A mystery to ponder...

    1. Enormous right? Brian said, "Maybe rich people can afford to feed their kids better so they make expensive clothes bigger." Bahahaha...

  2. ooh, looks like fun! I wish I had gotten the deal you did, I'm usually on top of such things!

    1. They have them from time to time! $30 is still an excellent can go to Walmart and get 3 outfits for that price, or let them choose for you and get 3 outfits that have never seen the inside of a Walmart in the mail! Easy peasy, same price, better quality. I'm love.