Monday, August 13, 2012

Review: SunyIslandBlu All-Natural Soap

My kids have terrible skin! Jasper has eczema patches, only occasionally, they flare up when he eats dairy. Jonny has full blown psoriasis patches. Everywhere. They are itchy and scaley, red and angry looking, and they hurt him. He is always uncomfortable.

We've tried everything. Eucerin, Burt's Bees, Weleda, California Baby, Nature Babycare, Johnson's, Huggies, diaper rash cream, various home remedies, any soap or lotion I saw in the store and 7 different prescription creams and ointments that were FAR too expensive. They all worked - for a few days, and then the patches would come back. I have a cabinet full of creams and lotions and ointments that didn't work.

Two weeks ago, Kym Guilford told me about her soap company, SunyIslandBlu. I talked to her about Jonny's problems in particular, and she mentioned that she had several soaps that might fix the issues. I ordered a few (and she threw in some samples for us to try for a bath or two and see how they worked with our skin issues. They came in the most precious wrapped packages, tied with a string! I almost didn't want to open them to ruin the paper, but I could smell the soap through the wrapping - I had to!

The one that has worked the best over the past two weeks is the Honey Almond Oatmeal Goats Milk soap. It smells incredible, lathers well and rinses off easily - necessary when you're scrubbing down a toddler! After 3 days, half of Jonny's patches were totally gone. The ones that remained were considerably better. And Jasper, who only had one patch - his was gone.

But, like all the other products we've used in the past, I expected it to stop working. But it didn't. After a week, he was 75% clear, and now we're at two weeks - 7-9 baths a week (They are boys, sometimes they wind up getting more than one bath in a day. With regular soap, that normally flames Jonny up even worse!) and he has ONE patch left on his ankle. It was the worst one, to begin with. And it's almost gone! I should have taken before and after pictures, but I didn't know I was going to be doing this. But for a product to keep working on Jonny over the past two weeks, alone - I discontinued the use of his other products - is something we've never been able to say before.

I also got one for myself - Tahitian Vanilla - and all the dry spots on my own skin have cleared up as well. I am truly amazed by this soap.

It's all natural - no chemicals are even used. The perfumes, dyes, and emulsifiers are natural. There is no alcohol in it. It's totally clean, environmentally friendly, and you could even eat it. Another customer said her son likes to lick the wrappers of one of his favorite scents! It's completely safe! How many soaps can really say that? Not too many, and you also have to take into account that her prices are incredible for organic and all natural body products.

Kym gets her daughters involved in the pouring and cutting and of course the testing. All of the soaps in her shop are friendly to sensitive skin - and she has manly soap too! My husband likes the Irish Tweed scent, and Ben likes the Salty Mariner. Natalie likes the Pinkberry soap, which is a really sweet smell - she said she'd rather use that than sweet pea body wash from Bath and Body Works. Wow!

So if you or one of your kids has problem skin, you want to support a mom-based business, you want to decrease your family's negative impact on our environment, or if you just prefer to not soak your skin down in chemicals when you bathe, you should really take a look at SunyIslandBlu on Etsy. While you're at it, follow them on Facebook, because she often runs promotions through there!

I would never pitch something I didn't believe in. I truly believe that if you are reading this post, you need to check out SunyIslandBlu.



  1. I as well have been using SunyIslandBlu. I have their soap... their scrub and the body butter. I can not tell you how much I love it. Not only is my dry skin glowing but I as well have eczema and bumps on my arms and they are GONE. My son also!!! We will be a forever customer of SunyIslandBlu!!!! Amazing stuff for sure!!!!

  2. Snoopy and Gizmo's MommyAugust 13, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    I know this is weird, but i bought her oatmeal and olive oil soap to help my one dog and cat who both have skin allergies and nothing worked. I am AMAZED at how well they have responded to it. An added bonus is that almost a week after their baths, their fur is still incredibly soft. This stuff is AMAZING! We are "furrever" customers.

  3. I bought myself the PinkBerry Love soap the minute SunyIslandBlu opened for business. I love the scent! I also suggested a pink grapefruit scent, because it is my favorite, and she was quick to add it to the collection,(and send me a sample)! Whenever I realize that my 3-year-old is being far too quiet, a quick check of the bathroom usually finds him washing his hands with SunyIslandBlu soaps. He loves the smell and now he loves washing his hands, too! I love that the soaps are free of chemicals and that I'm helping support a family who takes pride in their business and gives personalized customer service.

  4. We love SunyIslandBlu products! We have tried the soaps and body butters. I have to say that we have liked all of the scents but, my favorites have been the 'Caribbean Coconut' and the 'Suny Blu Bee.' I love handmade body products and buying these products have been a special treat for me. I also like knowing that these products are made by a momma and her daughters :)