Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOW!!! Kiwi Crate Coupon Codes!!!

Back to School Kiwi Crate Savings - $5 off monthly, $20 off annual

If you have little kids, you know chaos. And you all know that school is about to be back in session. Which means we are back to our usual routines. If you have big kids going back to school and little ones staying home, you'll probably be dealing with them feeling kinda left out and bummed. I have the solution. Kiwi Crate!

Kiwi Crate will send you a box a month, full of craft supplies and science experiments (YES - science experiments! For little ones!) that all surround a core lesson. It can be a fantastic preschool homeschool option - for your littles or your big kids in kindergarten - second grade - after school and weekends, to continue the learning! It is a subscription service, and it costs $19.95 a month, shipping is free. If you are unhappy, cancelling is not a difficult process.

They are designed by moms, tested by kids, and are prefect for kids ages 3-7. You can add on for a sibling as well. 

So they sent me a couple coupon codes for you. The first is $5 off your first box - use the code TEACHER2 to get that at checkout. That will make your first box only $14.95.

The second code is for 2 months FREE with a year's subscription. You can use the code TEACHER7 to get that when you sign up.

Click the picture to check it out. I am thinking that the boys and I will probably be going with Kiwi Crate this year. It all just comes in the box, you do the lessons at your own pace, and after a month you get a new box! I love it!!


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