Monday, September 17, 2012

Review: Tiffany's Homemade Goodies

A little while back, I was contacted by Tiffany Cozza of Tiffany's Homemade to do a review of her FANTASTIC cookies! They are homemade by a really neat woman, a mother of two boys who started her home business to help her husband with the financial burden of everyday life.

She ships very fast - you might think, "Cookies in the mail? Ehhh....they'll be stale when they get here." NOT SO. They were perfect! The packaging was adorable...I loved the little bow! Like a little present!

The two cookies on the outside in this picture are Italian wedding cookies. They were my favorite. They are a crumbly, nutty little ball of awesome that melts into...almost, frosting!....while you're eating it. I am not sure my husband was even able to try one of them. Not that it mattered, he was all about the knots. They are a dense, chewy sugar cookie with a light almond flavor, topped with icing and in this case, sprinkles! They can be customized too- any color for any occasion - are we thinking about orange and white UT gameday knots? It can be done. Just ask, she'll work with you!

 The boys were SO beyond excited when we got to these adorable little guys!! Cookie monsters! I love how she got his crazy eyes down in these. I don't actually know what these tasted like, because my own little cookie monsters inhaled them, BUT I did allow them to review them for me. They are just little bloggers in the making! Turn up your sound and listen to what the Bedfornomics Toddler Taste Testers think about Tiffany's Homemade Cookie Monster cookies! truly, I think they capture the excitement and "numminess" better than I ever could hope to with my words. And then go to Tiffany's Homemade on Facebook and send her a message, tell her I sent you and she will treat you like a prince(ss)! And take a look at her photo album - I've been LOVING the cookie pops! How adorable are they?? Anyway, here's the  BT3's review:

See? I told you their review was better! Go get you some "Tooie Onsters!"


  1. I love all of her cookies and my kids love her "cake balls"! Every order has been shipped fast and fresh!

  2. We ordered owl cake pops for my daughter's first birthday and they were a huge hit with both the children and adults! We definitely will be ordering from Tiffany again in the future!!

  3. Elmo cookies were great. Shipped fast. Had none left. Kids and adults loved them. Paola

  4. I absolutelt love Tiffanys cookies! My favorites are the Raspberry thumbprints! YUM. I have ordered several times and will continue to do so :) ~~Rebecca Lopez~~