Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Snapily: Up to 60% off Magic Bookmarks!

These are awesome gifts for book lovers! Especially ones with kids, grandkids, or pets. You can personalize a bookmark to have two pictures that magically flip back and forth or appear to be 3D! And right now you can do it on sale.

This is the deal:  Buy 3, get 20% off, ONLY 5 will get you 50% off and 14 and on gets you 60% off. Now the best deal I see is the buy 5 get half off. I don't see why I would need to buy 14 - unless maybe there was an upcoming party I needed favors for and magic bookmarks would be appropriate. Anyway - buy 5 at $3.50 each, that's $8.75 total, $1.75 apiece. 

If you have a family full of book lovers, may I suggest for Christmas this year they get book  lover gift baskets? Use a few $5 Amazon gift cards from your swagbucks stash and get 5 books shipped to you. Tuck the bookmark in, add a cute dollar store coffee cup and some hot cocoa, maybe a little snack or something all from the dollar store, tuck it all into a little box, basket, or tin, (spray paint can change any container with words on it into something new) and your gift is a staycation!! For under $6! How cool is that?


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