Friday, November 9, 2012

Flirty Aprons Cyber Monday Possible Amazing Deal!

I love Flirty Aprons. They are so cute, and my husband so far has not figured out my hints that I've dropped for 2 years straight. I may use this deal to just get one for myself!

Last year on Cyber Monday, Flirty Aprons were 40% off! I just got a code this morning that is good through 12/6 for 20% off. And right now until 11/14 there is a Groupon for $15 for a $30 voucher (gift code) to Flirty Aprons, which doesn't expire until May 2013.

So here's how you get this deal, IF Flirty Aprons does Cyber Monday the same way they did last year.

1. Go here and buy your Groupon for $15. You now have $30 to spend at Flirty Aprons.
2. Wait until Cyber Monday for a great sale - we are hoping for 40% off again!
3. Choose an apron. After a 40% + a 20% discount, a Marilyn style apron will cost $13.41 and an Original style will be $16.77. A little girl's Marilyn will be $9.47 and a little girl's Original will be $11.87. Use your Groupon and pay the difference.

Here's a deal idea for inexpensive and amazing gifts:

Choose 2 adult Marilyn aprons and 1 child Marilyn apron. Total before tax and shipping will be $36.29, after your groupon would be $6.29. $21.29 plus tax and shipping for 3 fabulous Christmas gifts!

Now we don't know if the Cyber Monday thing will happen, but the Groupon + the 20% off code are 70% off to start with, and that by itself is an amazing deal. I may be doing this one myself!


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