Friday, November 23, 2012

Kiwi Crate: 60% off TODAY ONLY

New subscribers to Kiwi Crate can get their first month 60% off today only. That makes your first month only $7.98!!! You must check them out. Jasper LOVES his Kiwi Crate boxes, he gets so excited to do a "fraff!" Now, he will be 3 in February and loves doing crafts. He was able to do almost all the work without my help, just following my directions. These boxes are meant from ages 3-7, so judge their appropriatenss for your own child accordingly. Each box comes with the makings of AT LEAST two crafts, and then 3-4 ways to expand each craft into lessons. I can't rave enough about Kiwi Crate. I tell you, we will be using them for supplements to our homeschool program - it provides a week straight of almost no additional work for mom!

Your first box will come right around Christmas and it will be Penguin Bowling themed, as I have pictured!! How cute is that?? Jasper's going to be SO psyched when he gets his. He loves his "wengwins." And I love the fun craft time we get to have, many moms skip out on that due to messes. If you have been holding out for some reason and waiting to get your Kiwi Crate subscription, TODAY for sure, price is not an issue, and if you don't like it? Feel free to cancel or pause your subscription at any time! It's SO easy to do! You definitely want to invest in this opportunity for your child to have some amazing memories of crafting with you.


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