Friday, November 2, 2012

NoMoreRack: Android Tablet As low as $59.99 SHIPPED!!

OK, here's a pretty awesome deal for you. I know a lot of you have teenagers, or techie men on your Christmas list, or maybe you ARE a teenager or techie man...or maybe you are like me and you just really want a tablet.

This tablet, which I know nothing about except its regular price and current price, so you might want to check your reviews and all on that - is being offered at 72% off of retail at No More Rack. - $69.99, versus its retail value of $249.99.

If you are a new customer and shop through this invite link, you will get a credit for $10 off your first order of $20 or more. New customers are also getting FREE shipping. So we are talking $59.99 shipped for a high-tech gizmatchee on your Christmas shopping (or just general I want that) list!

The tablet will be listed under Electronics in the top line of tabs, and it's almost the first one, so it's very easy to find. Just look for the little android guy!

This offer ends at NOON TOMORROW (11/3) So start doing your research if you want it!


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