Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kiwi Crate: The Studio Review

Kiwi Crate contacted me a little while ago to have Jasper try out one of their studio kits, and we had so much fun! I've had to delay this post for a little while due to camera issues and then all the Black Friday fun-ness, and then this past weekend some personal family issues that kept me offline, but we are back in the saddle now!

Jasper is 2, he will be 3 in February, and he loves crafts. So when we were asked to try Kiwi Crate's holiday wreath kit, we were totally psyched. The kit had everything we needed - heavy duty chipboard wreath form, more than enough tissue paper in case we made mistakes, furry puffballs to decorate the wreath with, a bow to hang it, and tacky glue to put it all together! The instructions said to crumple the tissue paper into a tight ball, dip it in the glue, and stick it to the wreath, tightly together. I helped Jasper with some of the crumpling, since we hadn't done this before, but by about the 5th ball, he was doing it on his own

 He would say, "Tumble, dip, stick!" I had to do the glue squeezing, because that was a bit messy. And he needed me to wipe his hands now and then because he does not like to be sticky. But he loved doing the crumpled balls.

He talked the whole time about how he was going to put it on the wall, and pointed to the wall behind the dining room table - suits me fine! It's still hanging there. :) Kid art is my favorite thing to cover my house with.
After the green tissue paper balls were done, it was time to decorate our wreath!

We used the puffballs they included in the package. They were kind of fluffy, so it was harder for Jasper to get enough glue on them to make them stick, and I did have to help a little with that, but he chose where each puffball should go and kept just chattering away about Christmas treats and wreaths.


Jasper very much enjoyed this project. I enjoyed it too, listening to him chatter and be confident about his crafting and DIY skills. I also enjoyed that I did not have to lug my two toddlers into Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, the Dollar Tree, and 99cent only store, everything came easily packaged together in 100% post consumer recycled material (which hit the bin on the way out of the house, so it was RE-recycled.

The cost of the kit is $7.95. Breaking it down, the tacky glue would be $3 at walmart, the chipboard would be $2 at Michaels, the tissue paper 99 cents at the 99cents only store, and the puffballs and ribbon would have been $1 each at Dollar tree. Those are prices I have personally seen, that comes to about $7.99, so you do save some pennies retail - but the biggest thing it saves you is TRAVEL. I would have had to go all over the place, drag both of my toddlers into the stores, probably on two separate days, wasting gas, probably wasting plastic bags because I almost always forget my green bags despite my best efforts, they don't often make it into the store with me.

So we're talking about savings in gas, pennies, sanity, the environment, and we're talking about benefits in fun activities to do with your child, memories made, boosting their confidence in their abilities to make something awesome, and just general joy. My kids craft, they get in great moods.

So it's really a win win. If you do one of these crafts, you will realize that no matter what the price, the fun times, the pictures, the awesome boost of confidence in your child - there's no way to put a price on that stuff.

They DO have listed all the items needed for the project so you can buy them on your own, but for the 4 cents saved and the gas, sanity and environmental impact, I would rather order from Kiwi Crate.

Sign up for Kiwi Crate here and look through The Studio's AMAZING online collection of DIY crafts.


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