Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Review: Honest Company

Many months ago, I posted about the Honest Company trial package. It was $5 shipped to get a bunch of samples of skin and bath products, diapers, and wipes. One of the samples was of their Healing Balm. This is the ONLY thing that has ever worked on my youngest's psoriasis. I hoarded the tiny sample, stretched it as far as I could, and waited until I could afford to order with a discount - which I did, this past Black Friday! I ordered the Family Essentials bundle, which you can customize however you want. I got a lotion, a shampoo and bodywash, a sunscreen, and two healing balms.

It arrived on November 27th, and I immediately rubbed Jonny's spots down with healing balm. I changed his soap and shampoo and lotion ALL to Honest Company that day. The next morning, his spots were already drastically smaller. And he was already bringing the healing balm to me to put on him because he understood it made him feel better! Also, I could tell he was feeling better, because he was joyfully getting into everything instead of sitting around scratching and crying when he broke his skin open.

Today is the 1 week mark and Jonny's skin looks 100% clear and only has a few places that are rough to the touch. I am completely, 100% a believer in this product. Regular price per month plus shipping is $41.90, for 5 items, and I think that is a fantastic investment to have my son be itch and pain free for probably the first time in his under 2 years of being alive!

This Healing Balm has also since been used on teenage acne, brush burns, sunburns, wind buns, diaper rash, bug bites, various owies, booboos, and itchies, and both boys have brought it to me to put on any random mystery pink mark - and it has, without fail, helped every single mark go back to normal.

Now, I have a savings opportunity for you today. The Family Essentials bundle is the best deal - you save the most money by buying that way, and it comes to $41.90 shipped. Until December 31st, Honest Company is allowing new customers who are Bedfordnomics readers who use this link a $10 off coupon for their first purchase - of any item. That will make your Family Essentials bundle $31.90, or about $6.40 per item. This is the way I recommend you go, but by no means do you have to.

Another way to get the Healing Balm for your little person is to order it a la carte - it costs $12.95 regularly and is subjected to $5.95 shipping, but minus your $10 off coupon, it is $8.90 shipped.

It might seem high to you right now. It did to me. Now though, I won't let my little guy suffer - he will not be in short supply of this product. Ever. The Honest Company gets our undying love and appreciation as well as a personal endorsement from Bedfordnomics.

What are you going to put in your bundle?


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