Thursday, April 25, 2013

ThredUp - New and Possibly Improved = Free Kids' Clothing Item!

In the past, ThredUp has caused some issues in frustration and unfairness with the way their business was run, and because of that I chose to not use ThredUp anymore. But today I was sent an e-mail that I had $10 to spend on their site, so I took a look. It seems like it will be a lot better this way - people send the clothes to ThredUp to be listed on their site.

So I am able to give all of YOU $10 to spend too - and get this.

Shipping is $2.99 and they do not charge tax. So choose an item about $7 or under and it will be free! There are lots of items that cheap.

This polo is size 3T Beverly Hills Polo Club, and it is $4.49, or FREE with your credit.

This sweet little MiniWear jumper is a size 3, an $3.99, or FREE with your credit!!

I know a lot of us had a bad taste in our mouths after the chaos happened a few years ago. But for a free item, you may as well give it a shot!

I got my preschooler a new swimsuit. Monster Jam! He is pretty excited to wear it. So I hope it is as described, and free is my favorite price! It did not even ask for a credit card number. So, I am SO FAR in favor. I am of course skeptical, because of what happened before....but if you offer me free clothes for my kids, chances are great that I will give you a second chance.

So go over to ThredUp and try em out, for a free outfit! 

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