Sunday, September 15, 2013

RecycleBank: Quick and Easy Hundreds of Points! FREE Magazine Subscriptions!

If you are not a member of RecycleBank, good news for you - today is the day to sign up! If you sign up right now, there are activities you can do (they take 5 minutes or less each and pay out BIGTIME) and you can redeem NOW for magazine subscriptions: FREE. Available subscriptions include Martha Stewart Living, Family Fun, Parents, People, Entertainment Weekly, This Old House, Road and Track, and TONS more. You can even redeem for digital subscriptions!

So here's how to do it:

1. Sign up for RecycleBank here.

2. Go to Earn Points at the top.

3. Complete all the Easy Greens - you answer a question and click Pledge, for 10 points each. You may have 6-10 of them if you're new.

4. Find the football activity. This activity takes only a few minutes and pays out in 150 points in total.

5. Do the activity called A Look At Lunch Waste. This is just like the football one, pays out another 150 points.

6. Do this activity from Unilever. It is 6 different activities, worth 30 points each (180 points total).

7. Under learn and earn, do the activities about your greening your grill,, think before you trash, learn how to make a difference with your week, learn how to make a difference with your weekends, the spotlight on Boyce Griffith, and Florida's natural keys. These are each worth 25 points. (150 total)

8. Do the activities that say pledge to recycle paper, learn about recycling worldwide,  avoid contamination by recycling right, and recycling glass. 10 points each or 40 points.

9. To the left of the screen you'll see the daily pledge. Pledge for 5 points.

10. Under Mind Body Green and Earth911, you can read 3 articles (they are really good articles too) from each source to earn a point for each article - 6 points total.

So depending on how many Easy Greens you get, you will come up with over 680 points to buy stuff with. Here's an example of what you can buy:

1 year subscription to Family Fun - 200 points
1 year subscription to Redbook - 128 points
1 year (52 issues) of Entertainment Weekly - 400 points
1 year of Good Housekeeping - 160 points.

There are TONS more you can redeem for. It only takes a few minutes to rack up all those points - you are doing yourself no favors by skipping this one.

So go here to sign up and get a few new magazines next month!!


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