Thursday, November 14, 2013

Imaginarium Toys $1 Shipped, Plus Cash Back!

UPDATE: Apparently they are no longer offering Shop Runner for these deals, so the regular shipping fees apply. However if you are ordering anyway, I encourage you to add these on (even if it's just to donate!).

Toys R Us has three amazing deals I want you to look at right now: First, the Imaginarium Rolling Bead Maze (regularly $16.99) is on special for $1.00 (ships free with ShopRunner). Secondly, the Imaginarium Pink Bead Maze with Mirror (regularly $9.99) is ALSO $1.00 (and also ships free with ShopRunner!). And third, Imagniarium's Three Piece Shake It Up Music Set is $1.50 (Regularly $14.99). If you pick up all 3, you can cross three kids off your holiday shopping list (or stock your gift closet, or make 3 Toys for Tots kids very happy) for under $4. Also - you can shop through ebates (ALWAYS shop through ebates!!!) And get 2% of your purchase back. So it's only 7 cents, but it's 7 cents added onto everything else you save with ebates!

So here's how you do it.

1. Go to ebates, sign up, and search Toys R Us, click through to Toys R Us.
2. Search for the toy you want to buy.
3. At check out, sign into or sign up for the free trial of Shop Runner to get your free shipping.
4. Wait for your cheap toy and get excited about your savings!

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