Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shutterfly: Great Deal on Christmas Cards!!

If you have 3 Coca Cola caps laying around, you can get $20 off your Christmas cards from Shutterfly! Put in 3 cods onto My Coke Rewards and you will be offered a $20 gift card toward holiday cards (Good through 12/31/13). This means if you like that regular 4x8 letter envelope sized Christmas card, which are $0.89 each, you will be able to get 25 for $6.75 shipped! Check it out below:

That should take a considerable chunk out of your holiday card budget, which can now be spent on other things (Like that new tree skirt you had your eye on at Kohl's but couldn't justify!!).

So go ahead and get a jump on this while it lasts!

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