Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prescription Glasses AND Sunglasses: Starting Under $12 Shipped!

Glasses are expensive. Even with insurance, you still wind up paying a ton for glasses - and God forbid more than one person in your family wear them. About 7 months ago, a friend directed me to Zenni Optical. Glasses for $7? Flat rate $4.95 shipping, no matter how many you order? Sign me up!!

Well, on the surface it seemed like a lot of work. You had to get your prescription, plus ask for this magical number called the pupillary distance, and if you forget you have to measure it yourself. Then put the prescription in online and order them yourself. Without actually trying them on. And then wait 2-3 weeks for them to be made and delivered to you.

But I was broke and desperate...so I did it! And it turns out...not that hard.

I went to Walmart, spent the $45 to get my prescription, remembered to ask for the PD number. When I got home, I picked out a very simple, very inexpensive pair of glasses, that were $6.95. I skipped all the bells and whistles. No scratch protection, no anti-glare coating, etc. Just plain glasses and lenses, for $6.95, plus $4.95 for shipping. In total, I paid $11.90. I figured, for glasses, that is cheap enough that even if they break in 6 months, I still come out on top of the deal. Well, fast forward two weeks on the dot and there they were in my mailbox!

And the prescription was perfect!! I have -5.25 on one side, -5.00 on the other, so these were not just reading glasses. They have to be good, or I can't even walk down my steps safely.

Seven months later, the glasses are not broken. They are not bent. They are not scratched. I have not been particularly careful with them. I ordered two more pairs - a pair of cute red frames with swirls on the arms, and a pair of awesome plaid sunglasses (for sunglasses you pay a few extra bucks for tint) and I got anti glare coating and scratch protection. I paid $40.23 for both pairs, shipped. They are also fantastic.

They carry memory titanium - the kind you can bend and not snap! They have all kinds of colors and funky glasses, and simple plain wire rims as well. You could order a whole bunch and match them to your moods, or your outfits. You could order a new pair for every member of your family. If your husband breaks his glasses all the time, you could order him 3 pair and put two up, and order two new pairs and a pair of sunglasses for yourself too - and shipping is still $4.95.

So this, this should cut a SERIOUS dent in your eyeglasses budget.

If you are so inclined (I was not) you can upload a picture of yourself without glasses so you can try their glasses on.

They also often offer coupon codes, to get you half off scratch protection or anti glare, etc. Check retailmenot for that!

At least take a look at Zenni Optical. There is something for you there for SURE!

This pair right here is only $6.95. It includes single vision lenses. And, come on! Cute!

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